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ConSeg Consultancy

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Our values:



Implement occupational health and safety programs, and advise our clients on compliance with labor and social security legislation.



To satisfy the needs of our clients through the excellence of our services, to stimulate the development of our collaborators, to interact with society and to guarantee the success of the organization.



To be recognized as an Ethical Company. To guarantee the quality of our services. Respect and value people. Preserve the environment. Always learn.



Training of employees. Responsibility with deadlines. Quality of service. Agility in the provision of services.


About ConSeg


ConSeg Consultancy offers consultancy services in the field of security, health, environment and sustainability throughout the south of Brazil. It was founded in 2002, providing services in the area of occupational safety, serving customers in the capital and metropolitan region. In 2003, ConSeg moved to the city of Campo Bom, where it expanded its services, acting in the management of health and safety at work, expanding its operations to the market of Vale dos Sinos, Paranhana, Serra Gaúcha and Northeast Brazil.


Today, ConSeg has a computerized system and a specialized team to develop management in health and safety at work, adapting your company to current legislation, contributing to the development of a decent and healthy work environment for its employees, avoiding disagreements in the labor and social security area, improving the quality of its products and services, thus ensuring the sustainability of its business.


ConSeg Environmental

ConSeg Environmental Consulting was founded in 2009, with the objective of supplying a market demand identified through the activities of the other services of the company. Conseg Environmental began its activities seeking to provide appropriate solutions in the environment, directed to the size of each company.


Conseg Sustainability

ConSeg Sustainability was initiated in 2019, and started to offer a consulting service to help companies to become more sustainable. Following a step-by-step plan designed specifically for the company, the level of sustainability is improved within the company. If the company follows all the measures, it has the option of obtaining a sustainability quality-mark as a reward, which can be used as a marketing tool. This service is also offered in English, specially designed for companies who have their business operations abroad as well. For more information contact

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